The Dan Martin Split w/ Victor Shores

by Tiny Moving Parts

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released May 28, 2011



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Tiny Moving Parts Benson, Minnesota

Family band from Benson, Minnesota.


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Track Name: I'd Rather Soar With The Thought Of Birds Carrying Us Away
Billions of bodies falling from the promising sky
I really hope you believe me
These branches are breaking,
cutting our ties with my worst thoughts I’ve ever came across.
I hope you cross this bridge with me tonight.

Ever I since I knew how to hear,
my ears directed me to the sense of knowledge
of what’s coming up next
Time’s dying.
I wasn’t being selfish
I gave you everything I had.

Shut up, keep quiet, don’t speak words you know I’ve never said.
I’ll still listen to you but remember I’ve built you hope
I’ve built you a home,
and now I know you’ll never sleep alone.

I’ve talked to myself far past the point, of knowing
that there’s voices in the sky, in the skylight.
I lost all my friends in the course of this,
they all left like starving wolves in winter striving elsewhere.

when I was a boy, I remember our first kiss
the river we swam in, the texture on your lips.
the clouds were crying I can still hear the sadness
it was nothing less than perfect.
I’m trying my best to keep us alive
because we’ll separate when it gets too late.
So if you hear this, we will be saved
we will stay strong,
we won’t be like children running in their backyards.
I’d collapse each one of my lungs to give you all the air I have,
to make you live a second longer
a second would be safe to know that
I was a second ahead of the fact of losing you like quicksand,
and nothing would bring us back.

When will they drop?
We are slowly fading
I still feel this distance,
while we’re hand in hand.

Let’s climb this mountain, push me off it.
I’d rather soar with the thought of birds carrying us away.
so let us fly.

When you look up, you better think of me.
I’m trying to stay optimistic, so in better words
at least failure was accomplished.
Track Name: I'm Still Here, You're Still There
sometimes I dream
of my teeth rotting right out my mouth
and I can't talk when the glands swell
It's so sad that I can't wake up to smell the coffee.

I know the feeling of chasing dream when falling asleep
then once you finally wake up, nothing's changed.
I'm still here while you're still there,
the tendons on my little heart can barely stand to function.

I miss you.
It'll never change.

I want to kill myself just to fall asleep at night,
and fly high with you in the clouds
because I swear everything was there.
Trust me.
I think I feel your fear again.

floating down all the rivers on a leaf
singing songs about love
while love is singing songs about us.
But who will ever listen?

someday I'll grow up, I'll stay strong
I'll get the chance to let you know that time tore us apart.
The distance was the sickness
but I'll still sick.

this is what it's like to fall behind, and out of place,
all I ever wanted was to be a butterfly.
I'd do anything and I mean anything
to have you in my arms.

like dolphins stuck in separated oceans
the forecast is ever changing
we're misplaced in different areas of time
Why oh why?