This Couch is Long & Full of Friendship

by Tiny Moving Parts

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Dylan Mattheisen - guitar/vocals
Matt Chevalier - bass/vocals
Billy Chevalier - drums

Thank You's: We have so many people to thank, and if you're reading this: thank you first and foremost. You listening to our music is the entire reason and meaning behind everything we do. Shout out to: Dylan's Parents and the Chevsters' parents for giving us musical instruments for birthday presents and always supporting us even when they thought we were going to screw up big time, Greg for recording all this and putting up with us and hanging out and having fun with us, Hard Body for taking care of us on the road, all the wonderful people/bands who put on shows for us all over the place, the people who come and watch, the people who stick around after and make us feel at home.

Recorded October 2012 in Fargo, North Dakota by Greg Lindholm

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released January 13, 2013



all rights reserved


Tiny Moving Parts Benson, Minnesota

Family band from Benson, Minnesota.


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Track Name: Dakota
I have never been so scared and sad at the same time.
I finally will figure out what life truly means when it's all left behind
I did not know what steps to take after graduating high school.
I never knew much of anything.
The midwest has blessed me with great friends and unforgettable relationships,
still hits my head each and everyday.

Well if these bones still hold me up, I'm fine.
If I feel this cold still buried in my throat
I guess I'll survive.
It's sad that time turns it's back on us,
like a wood chipper eating up the lumber.
It turns into dust and floats in the air
to prove what we have lost.

All of my white shirts have lost their color,
but i don't want to go to the store and spend another dollar.
Because I like the way I dress
as a matter of fact
I love for who I am.
Track Name: Along the Lakeside
Be grateful of what you got
well I am not.
Here I am, locked myself in the basement.
Smashing spiders up against the wall.
I am creating amazing science experiments with jealously.
They have more feet than what I could ever fill.

I will cut my lips on a Minnesota license plate,
Just to draw you in,
Just to let you know the route to my vien.
Prepare for your first winter!
Throw on your coat and hope for months of snow.
The bliss is far too bold
For this heart to hold alone
I'm on my own and I'm still scared.

Throwing up no throw up
because dry heaving in the new black.
My throats a desert as I see my words
clogging up the bath tub,
With each and every letter that I should have said.
Combined to make perfect sense.

I am wide awake and it is past my bedtime,
I'm busy flipping nickels and dimes in the wishing well along the lakeside.
I will be brave all summer long because I got guts.
Track Name: Grayscale
It's times like these i wish i had
some common sense left inside of my head.
I should have known this would never work out.

I just want to be a part of something beautiful.

Vibrations, tounge and cheek,
what words are worth to even speak anymore?
In bed by eleven again I hope to disappear in the mattress.
I hope when I fall asleep the pillow eats my teeth.
Warm color schemes, mostly red
like a flower without it's nectar.

It's a planet you know,
it's where we plant and watch ourselves grow.
Up. Up. Out.

Whats the point of beauty if we all look the same?
Track Name: Vacation Bible School
Home is no sense of comfort
I'll stray to the forest and build up a tree fort.
Out of the sticks that you've gave me,
by the river when I was young.
Self-respect, is such a strong word
I can't comprehend how many times i have tried it,
how many times i have lost it
but I don't dare ask for closure,
I guess I can't tell anyone anything anymore.

This passion is tough to compare,
with the courage of a polar bear,
and my body is nothing less then a fortress of lions.
Looks like the ventriloquist lacks his oxygen.
I hate to say this but it makes me happy that it makes you sad.

Honesty all pays off with open minds.
Honesty all pays off with open hearts.
I had a pet wolf until I needed a coat
"you gotta do what you gotta do!"
it is what it is.

I came with confidence
and left with emptiness
Track Name: Clouds Above My Head
I am sick of this cycle turning in the opposite direction
you made me so happy way back in kindergarten.
The first kiss we created during recess at the daycare
The time out sessions nearby the closets
They were beyond worth it.

The children in the background
they've always stayed in focus
the camera could never do it's justice
and I'm still sick to my stomach about it.
the aperture was far too open for you to notice.
Well the light blinds my expression
all of thee attention was never what I wanted in the first place.

I've always had the darkest clouds above my head.

Storms bring me nothing but problems, why?

Signs for good luck are never good signs.
They higher your hopes up just to see you die inside.
Please lie to me and tell me that I am okay
because it's getting worse.
I guess when you're a kid stuck inside a candy store
you're bound to get sick of everything.
I have learned that signs for good luck are never good signs
They higher your hopes up just to see you die inside.
Track Name: Waterbed
I've been holding my breath for way too long.
It seems that both my lungs are strong enough
to hold all this endless air.
I don't belong.
My head is a ticking clock
all i have to ask is someone please alarm my body.
My home is not existent.
My heart is buried in the ocean.

I don't need any anchors taking me away.
My god I swear I am growing fins.
I better keep my hope up,
but what exactly do i know?
What's exactly, exactly?
Well the sun still sets up in the sky,
looking down on us.
Watching me tear apart these boundaries.

The sharks will swallow me up
in the glorious blue sea.
I'll relax with a detailed investment
I bought from my brain with the loose change I found in my pockets.
I have spent too long waiting.

On how to take risks, promise,
from a wish list that i created.
Someday you will open up your eyes and understand what is real.

People in this world scare me.
That's why I belong underwater
with fish, whales, and dolphins.
So finally I'll feel perfectly content with myself,
my lonely sad self.
The water races down my throat
my bones start to shake,
to the rhythm of opening up,
to my life starting over.
In this bedroom.
We'll I'm sorry, but I'm leaving.
This is a portrait worth painting.
Track Name: Amateur Night
It's another summer Saturday night
the werewolves are laughing outside.
What do you except with the moon this bright?
you hear your parents in the kitchen
repetition of conversations
you bury your body
in sweaty sheets
and your pillow is filled with regret.
All the feathers have left.
another weekend comes,
and you feel so numb
yeah you feel scared
you feel so dumb
You don't know what to do,
except hope for the best.
You pray to a god to help you out with the rest.
You pray to a god to help you out with the rest,
Yet you are young and feel useless
far from religious.
I'm just being honest.

Well I don't need no 9-5's to comprehend a lifeline,
there are far better ways to be using up my time.
With no understandings from both of our parents
we have a great time with our best friends in this basement.
This couch is long and full of friendship,
and I know they're not wasting their time
and so am I.

I say "Let go of the wolves"
Feast on me you animals.
Let go of the wolves.
taste my courage.
Track Name: John P.
We're slowly losing touch.
Grasp my hands a little tighter
and i'll quit being afraid.
I'm still a boy at heart,
and the fact that you're running away is unbearable in so many aspects of companionship
We speak our own language that no one understands.

When i was 17 i first fell in love,
and I'm not scared to admit this.
It took me years to understand
what it meant to have a heart and have a friend.
We see our own vision that no one understands.

Truth is I cared too much,
I tested my luck.
The feeling is forever strong.
i need to finalize a plan to make me happy once again

Don't let me row this boat by myself,
send me signals of a happily ever after.
The same process if happening again,
don't let me row this boat.
I'm sure I'll awake from this same dream again,
my blue eyes drenched in tears.

One day we'll crack a Coca-Cola in our parents' basement,
we'll laugh about the past while life itself has already left.